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The Quest

With the first date of the Maddy Prior & Friends ‘The Quest’ upon us, the Grail Legend website has started to receive contributions from all over the world, with web watchers in locations as far flung as California and Cornwall offering their own personal interpretations of the nature of questing. Their submissions have come in many forms, from paintings to poems, and all have seen their creators entered into the draw to win their personal grail, to be drawn on the final night of the tour in the magnificent Rosslyn Chapel.

As well as the viewers’ offerings, the site is featuring a succession of web streams looking at the build up to the tour, from Maddy’s own video diaries to exclusive footage of her rehearsing with musicians Nick Holland and Troy Donnockley.

It is the the former that have been the most startling, with Maddy not only revealing her thoughts on a range of artistic topics but also a moving account of her ongoing treatment for skin cancer. When we leave Maddy, she is about to go to hospital for her operation. It is a brutally honest, emotional insight into the very private life of someone we think we know well.

As all the stories connected with this project develop over the coming weeks, this is set to be the one with perhaps the most resonance. There is still time for everybody to get involved in this unique project. Send in your stories, poems, pictures or whatever else inspires you and let the world know about your individual quests. Likewise schools, colleges and other groups are encouraged to join us with their own contributions. Keep logging on for new footage, new developments and most important of all, new quests. This is only the start of the journey for everyone involved, where it will take us is the biggest mystery of all.

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