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I've met Maddy Prior! I can't believe it!


My dad is a big fan, & he played 'All Around My Hat' so much that the tape broke. I grew up in a village so what the songs were about made a lot of sense. With nobody my age around me I was quite happy listening. When I got a bit older I tried to make myself not like them but old-fashioned words/syntax would creep out occasionally. I was really creative but stopped because people my age didn't seem to do that.

Gave in when I got 'All Around my Hat' on cd.
Recently saw them live, & when I heard 'Drink Down The Moon' I got this ache in my chest from trying not to cry. I enjoyed their concert more than others I'd been to. I was really surprised; I knew I liked them, but I thought I'd be more enthusiastic about other bands. I got a cd signed too. I made dad a Steeleye-themed Xmas card & put the chorus of 'Gaudete' in it.

When I got home the title of this entry was all you could hear from me.
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