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Maddy Prior Web TV

The Myth Of Web TV Becomes A Reality

This Autumn will see the worlds of reality TV and internet technology combine with those of folk music and mythical history in a unique experience. Folk fans around the world will be invited to join Maddy Prior on her latest solo tour through a series of web streams, including behind the scenes footage and exclusive live performances. Given that the tour will visit such historical locations as Glastonbury, Tintagel and culminates with a show at Rosslyn Chapel, the spectre of the Holy Grail will loom large over proceedings. A series of experts will be on hand to provide answers to viewers' questions on all aspects of this fascinating phenomenon, Arthur and questing in general; a chance for the public to discover the truth behind the Hollywood gloss. Viewers will also be invited to make their own contributions to the experience by representing their own personal quests through words and visuals. All contributors displayed on the web will have their names entered into a cauldron, from which a winner will be drawn on the last night of the tour, receiving a specially goblet - their own personal grail. Join us for this incredible meeting of the past, present and future at:_

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